Rear Brake Return Spring Upgrade for Brembo/Magura


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The Clean Speed rear brake return spring kit allows you to remove/delete the factory extension type return spring between your clutch cover and rear brake lever, replacing it with our application specific coil spring mounted inline at the rear brake master cylinder. The factory springs have been known to break unexpectedly at the high stress 180 degree bends where they hook into either the rear brake lever or the clutch cover. Our super easy to adjust single piece plunger and perch design puts a low stress coil spring directly inline between the rear brake lever pivot and the master cylinder, tucking it safety behind the frame. Installation is very easy and there is no trimming of plastics/frame guards required. Our design uses dis-similar hex sizes, such that installation and adjustment is done using the 10mm and 13mm wrenches that you already carry in your tool kit (IE: do not need to have two of one size in order to service).

The spring perch is machined from high strength 7075 Aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625, the spring is made from stainless steel.

Fits all KTM, Husky, and Gas Gas models 125-501cc with Brembo or Magura rear master cylinders.

  • Rear Brake Spring Upgrade for Brembo/Magura
  • Removes/Deletes Factory Extension Spring
  • Long Lasting Durable Low Stress Coil Spring Design
  • Drop In Replacement, No Cutting or Trimming
  • Rear Brake is Adjustable with Simple 10mm/13mm Wrenches
  • Perch is Machined Aluminum 7075,  Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat
  • Spring is Stainless Steel
  • US Patent Pending

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA. Proudly covered for life by our Warranty and Guarantee.


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