SUB Mount Steering Stabilizer Cable Guide (Scotts)


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Like the original Standard Mount Cable Guide, the Submount Cable Guide is a must-have for KTM’s, Husqvarna’s, Beta’s and Husaberg’s using Scotts submount (damper below the bar), steering stabilizer systems. The guide keeps the throttle cables away from the stabilizer, handlebar clamp and handlebars preventing wear and cable snags that could eventually lead to an expensive, inconvenient or dangerous failure.

The Submount Cable Guides are machined from a wear resistant, tough copolymer plastic. All fasteners are stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Installation time is less than five minutes.

The Submount Cable Guide is designed to work with Scotts submount systems. If you have a GPR V1 submount system our standard GPR Cable Guide will work.

Designed to work with all bikes two stroke and four stroke, using a Scotts damper in a submount position with the throttle cable running behind the handlebars. The Cable Guide is reversible and can be mounted right-biased or left-biased in either set of two holes in the Scotts damper, which gives the user the option of four different mounting positions.

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA. Proudly covered for life by our Warranty and Guarantee.

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